Thursday, October 29, 2009

What's better in your life...?

I was reading A Brand New Roo, when a comment by Dinnerland caught my attention. "What's better in your life having lost all this weight so far? " I wanted to answer this question for myself and for other people considering lapband surgery. I have lost 48 pounds, and the list of "What's better in my life?" is longer than I can type tonight! BUT I will begin...

Part 1

-I no longer need medicine for high blood pressure.
-I sleep deeply and restfully without a C-PAP machine every night.
-I cross my legs easily and without thinking about it.
-I have a lap for my grandchildren to sit in.
-My grown daughter hugs me and squeals "You are so SKINNY! I can wrap my arms all the way around you!"
-I walk around school with a bounce in my step.
-a little boy at school asked me "Is it just me, or have you gotten WAY Taller!" LOL
-My husband compliments me.
-I can buy clothes on the bottom floor of Macy's.
-I am surprised everytime I catch a glimpse of my reflection.
-My aches and pains in the knees, ankles and feet are gone.
-For the first time in a weight loss journey, I am burning my bridges, getting rid of the too-big clothes and having confidence that it WILL happen this time!

I have tears in my eyes as I type this, I am so moved by the difference being banded has made in my life. I will post part 2 in the future! :)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hi! I am just getting started, and my sister is helping me figure all this blog stuff out!

I had lapband surgery over three months ago, and I have lost 47 pounds! I have been reading all the blogs for six months, and you have all helped me so much. Reading about your daily triumphs and challenges is a great help and it makes me feel part of a larger community. SO, Susanna is helping me so I can comment on your blogs, and become known to you all who have been friends of mine for so many months. :) Eventually, I will even figure out how to post pictures, I hope.

Testing testing

Hey! This is Susanna, Laurel's sister, sneaking in to check out the place after setting it up for her. She'll be along shortly, if she figures out how to get here. If not... well... maybe I'll just pretend to be her. Heh.