Friday, June 18, 2010

A Fresh Start

Hi! I haven't posted in a LONG time, but I read everyone every day. This picture is a recent one of me, but my weight is still the same as 6 months ago. Fifty pounds down.
There are several reasons for the lack of posts, one, I have been working like crazy finishing the work for my NBPT certification requirements. I am done with that after 6 months of work, but won't have the results until NOVEMBER.
Also, We have finally ended the school year (on June 10th!), after snow and flood make-up days.
But The main reason I haven't written is that I haven't been making lapband progress. I have kept the 50 pounds off, but not made further progress. I am extremely glad that I look and feel much better, but wish I could have results like many of you do at nearly a year from receiving the lapband. I realize that exercise and following the rules would probably increase my chances of success (LOL).
I still have a lot of trouble with sweets. I can't eat much good-for-me foods at a time, but have no problem at all with sweets of all sorts. I also HATE exercise. The reasons I became obese to start with are still there, I just have help from the lapband to not eat so much at once.
Now, on to the fresh start! I am giving myself a goal of 20 more pounds off before school starts back again, have seen a dietician to refresh all the good eating habits, and hope that the less stressful summertime will help me focus and get the scale heading in the right direction. I am working on planning, writing my food intake down, trying to keep protein, fat and carbohydrate mg on target, and walking a while everyday. Keep your fingers crossed for me! :) Good luck to everyone out there!

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  1. So glad to have you back! And yes, cut yourself a break. Losing 50 pounds AND keeping it off is amazing in itself - you look just fantastic in your pic xx That colour top is just gorgeous on you - really suits you.