Saturday, February 27, 2010

How much is your fill?

I am going to get a fill on Monday, and I am nervous about it! I have 6.3 in a 10cc band right now. I weigh 176-178, and have been there for over two months. I sometimes get stuck, with pain in my chest and some sliming, but have never had a PB incident. I feel the band works good until about 3-4 in the afternoon, but I eat ENTIRELY too much in the evening, and if I eat slow, I think I could just eat and eat right on! (My husband works nights, and I think I eat from boredom, a lot...) I know I am not eating the way I should, so I worry that a fill might put me into a danger zone! Anyway, I would like to compare where I am with other bandsters. I know everyone is different, but would you share your fill amount? Thank you all!


  1. I have 9.50 cc's in an 11 cc band. It took me awhile to get restriction, but I'm there now. I am tighter in the AM, but I can't go crazy at night, so you may need a tiny little fill. When I get the chest tightness/stuck thing it's usually that I'm eating too fast or the wrong things. Maybe get a .25 cc and see if that helps you at night.

  2. Cute layout - just found your blog.

  3. Hmm I have to think about this one - both my docs gave me a different amount I have. I think though I'm sitting around 6mls in a 10 ml band (or cc.. same thing :) I am def in the green zone right now - and it's strange.. it does take you a while to figure out that you're in it. I am not hungry much, I cannot eat a lot at one sitting and I have had PB's (lucky you for not!! Hope it stays that way.)
    It seems I'm one of the luckier ones that feels good restriction with less in the band. You might just be too with 6.3.. I hope so. Best advice is to give it time. You will know if you don't want that next fill and remember, you can refuse. I have several times... and I'm always glad I did.