Monday, March 15, 2010

Crazy-Busy, and Update!

I am working on an additional teacher certification. The NBPTS, National Board of Professional Teaching Standards, so I will be a nationally board certified teacher, if I pass the 10 sections of the test. The deadline to submit the 4 writing portfolio entries is next week, so I am typing night and day right now!

Sorry I didn't update the last post, but I am crazy-busy, and I was disappointed about the visit to the Doctor. They said that they wouldn't give me another fill because I am not eating like I should. (3 nice meals, protein first...) I am to come back after I do that for a while and see how it goes. So I am mad at myself and the doctor's office! Also, they told me the insurance would not pay anymore, and they made me pay $100 before I could see someone. No one had told me this before, so it was a shock. SO I pay the $100, go see the PA, and NO FILL! I know I am not doing the best, but I can eat all the time and need some help. AARRGGHH! So at 8 months out, still 55 pounds of weight loss.

But as I often tell myself, the surgery was well worth doing if I don't lose anymore weight. I am so glad I have a band! Maybe after the stress of this deadline is past, I can settle down and do better. I have taken the day off from work to focus on my portfolio,so, Now, back to typing!!


  1. I'm sorry you're having such a difficult time! Perhaps a little exercise would kick the weight loss back into gear? Impressive that you've kept the weight off, though.

    When are your papers due? I know I've fallen down on the job there, but perhaps I could give them a final going over before you send them out. :) Hang in there, I think you're doing great on all fronts!

  2. Thanks Susanna! Best sister ever!!